Hand push type 30hp hydraulic power stat

Quick Details
Model Number: ST30-60
Type: Hydraulic Power Units
Power: 27hp
Brand Name: Storike
Warranty: 1 Year
Quantity flow of Hydraulic oil: 2*20/2*30LPM
Lubricating oil capacity: 2L
Hydraulic oil capacity: 13L
Fuel tank Capacity: 23L
Maximum pressure: 155BAR
Speed: 3600rpm
Place of Origin:Shandong,China
Fuel type:Gasoline
Machine size: 1020*640*810cm
Package size: 1200*760*1020cm

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Product Description



1. Imported original Honda engine to provide sufficient power for hydraulic equipment.

2. High-quality fast connector, changing hydraulic tools is more convenient and quick.

3.Original imported hydraulic pump,quality assurance,stable performance

4. Large-capacity hydraulic oil radiatorwith fan cooling

5. Front double wheels, easy to move.

6. Steel frame, strong and durable, not easy to damage. 

7. The surface is sprayed with plastic, anti-corrosion and elegant appearance.

Engine typeDouble cylinders, air cooled,Vertical shaft, gasoline engine
Maximum pressure155BAR
Rating speed3600rpm
Hydralic oil capacity13L
Quantity flow of capacity2*20/2*30LPM
Fuel tank Capacity23L
Lubricating oil2L
Package size1200*760*1020mm
Machine sizeL1020*W640*H810


Standard configuration

1.Device brand engine

2.High flow hydraulic gear pump

3.Portable mobile tires

4.External flow control valve

5.Left and right loop control switch

6.Air cooled hydraulic oil radiator

7.Equipped with work meter

8.Hydraulic oil oil level meter

9.Reinforce non-slip handrails


A): Widely used, it can drive dozens of hydraulic tools;

B): Portable, compact and light weight, it can be installed in the rear of small trucks or cars;

C): The engine adopts air cooling, without antifreeze and low energy consumption;

D): Mobility is good and can be easily carried out to the construction site;

E): The movement of moving parts in closed loop is low maintenance cost and  long service life;

F): No exhaust engine powered device away from tools

Detailed Images


Product application

hydraulic power station.jpg

The Hydraulic Power Station used as power supply for Combined Hydraulic breaking tools in Earthquake rescue and Firefighting rescue, like Hydraulic broken picks, hydraulic disc cutting saw, hydraulic diamond chain saws, hydraulic pressure Drainage pumps. It is small volume, light weight, portable, and powerful.

hydraulic power station.jpg


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