Hand Push 80kg Compaction Equipment Vibratory Tamping Rammer

Quick Details
Model Number: STR80
Power: 4kw
Brand Name: Storike
Warranty: 1 Year
Jumping Height: 50-80mm
Exciting Force: 16KN
Impact Frequency: 650-700 times/minute
Certification: ISO/CE
Rotate Speed: 3600rpm
Voltage: 220V
Weight: 80KG
Engine Model:HONDA GX160
Place of Origin:Shandong,China
Fuel type:Gasoline
Baseplate size: 330*300mm
Shock Floor Dimensions: 400*300mm
Dimension(L*W*H): L1000*W350*H788

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Product Description


1. Powered by 4-cycle, air-cool, single cylinder petrol engine, easy starting, low-noise operation, low maintenance, being environment friendly and no need for mixture of fuel.

2. Heavy shock mount system to reduce hand-arm vibration and improve operator comfort.

3. Manganese steel alloy cross, high strength, good toughness.

4. Made of natural rubber, good shock absorption.

5. Special protective frame for engine, prevents any possible damage on tough job site.

Engine typeGasoline/Diesel, air-cooled, four-stroke
Maximum Output Power4kw
Exciting Force16KN
Rotate Speed3600rpm
Frequency650-700 times/minute
Jumping Height50-80mm
Working weight80kg
Plate size400*300mm
Rammer sizeL1000*W350*H788


Standard configuration

Throttle Lever

4-stroke gasoline engine

Cast aluminum case

Polyurethane bellow

Wood material bottom plate


A): Stroke adjustable compaction of soil and asphalt pavement;

B): Large enclosed air filter system, easy to clean, the engine to be easily damaged;

C): The specially designed silencer cover can reduce the noise generated by the engine and a bottom plate to pass operating personnel;

D): The damping guide handle can reduce operator fatigue;

E): Ductile iron base plate has a longer life;

F): Hermetically sealed, splash lubrication impact system to ensure reliable lubrication parts;

Detailed Images

80kg tamping rammer.jpg

80kg tamping rammer.jpg

Product application

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Our products are used for compaction of soil, asphalt roads, sidewalks, Bridges, car parks, sports venues and narrow field compaction, it is an ideal equipment of small compaction construction project.

80kg tamping rammer.jpg


80kg tamping rammer.jpg


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