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Starting steps for small road rollers

The start-up of a small roller requires following the correct operating steps. Today, we will take a look.

Now our economy is developing rapidly, and we are starting to build many roads. Next, you need to use a roller to build the road. As you can see, today's small rollers have some requirements.

After starting walking behind the small roller, continuous operation should be carried out.


1. Place the gear lever in neutral position.

2. Place the gear lever in the middle position.

3. Use a manual fuel pump to remove air from the fuel system.

4. Turn off the power switch.

5. Press the main clutch pedal and release the main clutch.

6. Turn the throttle lever to a speed of about 1000r/min.

7. Turn on the electronic key, reverse the start position, and then start the engine. After the engine starts normally, immediately release the start button and record the gauge reading.

When starting the engine in cold areas (temperatures below 5 ° C), users must take appropriate auxiliary starting measures based on the actual ambient temperature. The general measures are as follows.

(1) Turn the starter key to the "preheating" position and preheat for approximately 30 seconds.

(2) Preheat the oil and coolant from 60 ° C to 80 ° C.

(3) Increase the ambient temperature of the computer room.

(4) Choose diesel, engine oil, and coolant that are suitable for low temperatures.

9. Release the main clutch pedal, connect the main clutch, and then release the handbrake.

10. Rotate the handle to rotate it (ensure that the frame is locked).

11. For shifting and reverse gears, the clutch must be released, and the gear and direction required for the shift lever and shift lever must be increased.

This is how to understand the starting steps of a small roller, and I hope it will be helpful to you.


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