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Small road roller knowledge questions and answers

road roller small

1. Is the small roller easy to use?

Small roller power, high efficiency, if the road conditions are more understanding, according to the road conditions to choose the appropriate construction method, then the work efficiency, compaction effect is double. At the same time, its structure is simple and easy to operate, novice operators can easily start.

2. What are the specific characteristics of small roller?

Small size, compact structure, easy transportation, large working force, high efficiency. In addition, it is relatively cheap compared to the large roller, can be applied to a variety of road sections.

3. How to buy a high quality small roller?

First of all, consumers should go to the regular brand manufacturers to buy (here we recommend Shandong Topreek construction machinery Co., LTD., Topreek 20 years committed to the construction machinery industry, is a set of research and development, production, sales in one of the manufacturers, product quality is guaranteed, after-sales is sound). Secondly, you can find friends in the same industry around you, or search for relevant information online, and pay attention to the user's evaluation.

Problem four: how about the use effect of small roller?


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