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Advantages of small roller reducer

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1. Wear resistance of Youxiu.

Wear resistance refers to the smooth oil of the reducer on the friction surface between moving parts and adhere to the oil film, avoid metal and metal contact and reduce wear ability.

The wear resistance of reduction gear smoothants for small roller mainly depends on oil and extreme pressure (shear resistance). Oil refers to the gear oil absorption on the friction surface of the component to form an oil film, so as to reduce friction and wear. Generally, gear oils have good oil, so they have a strong adsorption and can improve wear resistance. Extreme pressure refers to the ability to avoid damage to the friction surface caused by sintering and bonding under extremely high smooth conditions (because the contact pressure on the friction surface is extremely high and the oil film is easy to crack).

2. Viscosity and viscosity temperature.

Restorative smoothing agent must have proper viscosity and good viscosity temperature. In general, the use of high viscosity smooths helps to avoid damage to machine parts and reduce noise. On the other hand, transport efficiency, cooling effect and oil mobility apply to low viscosity smooths. As for the viscosity and temperature performance, the change of the smooth oil of the reducer for the small roller is not as great as the change of the engine oil, but because of the high pressure on the surface of the teeth, the demand for good viscosity and temperature performance, especially in the cold area. Otherwise, it will incur increased wear and fuel consumption.


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