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Damage causes and preventive measures of bevel gear of reversing mechanism of small roller

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One of the reasons: the maintenance and adjustment failed to be observed and adjusted during the operation

Some small roller in use, the reversing mechanism of one shaft and two shaft bolts and nuts loose, loose round nuts, excessive wear or damage of angular contact ball bearings, as well as fastening the engine foot bolt loose caused by the main clutch shaft and the center of a shaft deflection, will affect the meshing relationship of spiral bevel gear. Especially the small roller is often in dust, rain, exposure and other harsh environment to participate in the road construction operations, due to the poor road conditions on the highway transfer or operation, there are bumps, vibration and other conditions, easy to cause bolt loose, if the driver fails to timely check, adjust and replace the damaged parts, will cause early wear or damage of spiral bevel gear.

Prevention methods: small roller drivers must be familiar with the principle and adjustment of the reversing mechanism, regularly check the tightness of the above bolts, so before departure and after the arrival of the site should be carefully checked; If you hear abnormal sounds, stop the machine immediately for inspection. Do not use it reluctantly. The inspection should be done: timely tightening loose bolts and nuts, replacement of excessive wear bearing, timely replacement of damaged gear. Generally, the gear is rarely damaged in groups, so it is not required to replace the gear in groups, but the meshing clearance of the gear should be carefully corrected after replacement.

Reason 2: Improper operation by the operator

Small roller is not used for a long time, or because the machine into the rain and the main clutch rocker shaft rust, in the operation of the main clutch may appear too fierce action; The battery power of the engine is insufficient, especially when it is difficult to start because of cold weather, the driver uses other machinery to drag and start, or to drag other machinery; The driver uses the method of steering the backward flush clutch to replace the brake control; Use high speed turns. The above five kinds of improper operation will cause the spiral bevel gear to bear too much load and appear the phenomenon of bolt loosening, gear early wear or tooth beating.

Corresponding prevention method: If the clutch rocker arm shaft rust caused by long-term use or into the rain, the rocker arm shaft should be removed to remove rust, and add grease, so that its activity is flexible; If the battery power is insufficient, you can borrow another battery to help start, in this case, it is prohibited to use other machinery to drag the start, or to drag other machinery; If the braking is not good, it should be adjusted in time. Do not use the method of manipulating the backward clutch to replace the braking operation; When reversing control is inverted clutch, the main clutch must be separated to temporarily cut off the power before operation; Small roller should be slow when turning, turning radius as large as possible


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