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Novice driving road roller needs to pay attention to the problem


1. During the operation of the roller, if the reversing clutch or the vibration clutch is found to be slipping, it should be stopped immediately and the main clutch should be separated; Check, adjust and troubleshoot the reversing clutch or starting clutch. Do not increase the throttle, trying to drive with high speed and power, otherwise it will burn the clutch plate.

2, operation or driving emergency braking, must first step down the main clutch pedal to cut off the power, and then step the brake pedal, otherwise easy to damage the brake; When released, the brake pedal should be loosened first, and then the main clutch collapse plate to resume running.

3. For the roller with differential locking device, the differential locking device should be placed in the differential position during normal operation, so as to facilitate the steering of the machine and avoid damaging the road surface; When the machine is stuck in mud or there are large rocks blocking the rear wheel and making the rear wheel skid, the differential locking device can be placed in the locking position to help the machine overcome the rear wheel skid and over the obstacle.

4. When the roller changes the driving direction, the reversing handle must be pulled from the forward (backward) position to the middle position first, and then pulled to the backward (forward) position after the roller stops stable. Do not pull in place, so as not to damage the parts due to sudden change of driving direction.

5, the machine should choose flat, solid ground parking after shutdown, can not stop at the edge of the roadbed, if you need to stop at the ramp, under the wheel with stone or wood block plug, and placed reflective cone.

6. The low speed gear should be changed in advance when going up and down hills. It is forbidden to go up and down hills at high speed.

7, high-speed rolling operation, do not start the vibration device.

8. When changing the driving speed, the main clutch or reversing clutch must be separated first to shift the gear shift handle.

9. The starting or stopping vibration of the roller should be carried out in operation so as not to damage the road surface. Vibration is strictly prohibited on the hard road surface to avoid damage to the vibration reduction device or other machinery.


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