Trailer hand-lifting 7 meters mobile lighting tower

Quick Details
Model Number: 4VA4000
Engine model: KOHLER KD440
Frequency: 50hz
Rated Voltage: 230V
Rated Power: 4.8kva
Continuous working time: 25h
Fuel tank capacity: 38L
Power*Number Of Lights: 1000W*4
Luminous flux: 440000lm
Wind resistance: <6
Pole height: 7m
Height: 2700mm
Length: 2180mm
Width: 1130mm
Lifting method: Hand lift
Tires and rim sizes: 13"
Weight: 550kg

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Product Description


1. Equipped with famous brand engine, could guarantee quality stability and excellent performance.

2. Equipped with metal halogen lamp, large luminous flux and long life.

3. High-performance self-braking hand winch.

4. 4-section lifting rod, galvanized lamp post, anti-drop, corrosion-resistant.

5. Five windproof support legs for stable support.

6. Integrated operating panel with rain cover.

7. 7 meters lifting height, adjustable irradiation angle, long irradiation distance.

8. Large capacity fuel tank, long duration.

Item No./DetailsMobile lighting Tower(Trailer)
ApplicationMainly used in municipal, road, building construction and other construction fields at night.
Full extending height7m
Gross weight550kg
Engine modelKD440 (KOHLER) / CHANGCHAI 186F
Number of cylinders1
Engine characters4 stroke,air-cooled diesel
Combustion SystemDirect injection
Engine aspirationNaturally aspirated
Standard configurationSPARKS
Rating voltage (50/60Hz)230/240-120 VAC
Alternator insulationClass H
Alternator protection gradeIP23
Mast & Lights
Type of LightsRegular metal halide
Light's fixtureRectagle
Luminous flux110000 LM/light
Number & power of lights4x1000W
Number of mast sections5
Mast liftingManually
Mast extensionManually
Light tiltManually
Trailer suspension & axle with brakesLeaf springs & single axle without brake
Tow barA style tow frame with supporting jack
Stabilizing legs & number2 pcs extendable bar with manually retractable jacks
Wheel's rim size & tires13" rim with regular tires
Tow adapter2" ball adapter
Tail lightTail reflector
Max towing speed100km/h
Additional Features
Fuel tank TypePunch forming steel sheet
Fuel tank capacity38 liters (45 US gallons)
Operating hours with full fuel25 hours
Wires & electric componentsRegular
Generator canopyRotational moulding plastic trunk with steel sheet base
Generator starting type or controlerKey starting
Max. against wind when fully extended20 m/s
Acoustic pressure77dB(A) at 7 meters away
Standard colourorange or yellow canopy, black chasis, galvanized masts, tow bar & stabilizing legs
Max. # of units loading in 40' high container (Some components would be detached)18

Detailed Images

7 meters light tower.jpg

7 meters light tower.jpg

7 meters light tower.jpg

7 meters light tower.jpg

Product Application

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It suitable for outdoor lighting in power, fire, railway, municipal and other industries, as well as all kinds of outdoor construction operations, accident treatment, emergency rescue and relief, maintenance and emergency repair and so on for mobile lighting and emergency lighting.


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