Articulated double drum 4 ton vibratory road roller

Quick Details
Model Number:ST4000
Type:Vibratory Roller
Grade Ability:30%
Brand Name:Storike
Warranty:1 Year
Drum:Double Drum Roller
Vibration frequency:60HZ
Fuel capacity:42L
Water tank capacity:140L
Climbing ability:30%
Engine Brand:CHANGCHAI
Travel Speed:0-10KM/h
Place of Origin:Shandong,China
Hydraulic Pump Brand:HANSA TMP
Drum diameter:720mm
Exciting Force:40KN
Fuel type:Diesel
Hydraulic tank capacity:42L
Wheel Size:720(D)*1200(W)mm

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Product Description



1. Equipped with famous brand engine, could guarantee quality stability and excellent performance.

2. Hawkeye-shaped body design, wide field of vision, and beautiful appearance

3. Used international famous brand hydraulic pump and motor, which can be steplessly shifted and walk forward and backward.

4. LED display instrument panel.

5. Assembled with working light and warning light, could work at night.

6. Ergonomic chair.

7. Passed CE, SGS and ISO certification and won Red Star Award design.

8. The steel wheels are equipped with outline marker lamps, could ensure the safety of the operator. 

EngineChangchai ZN390B
Engine typeThree cylinder, Vertical, water-cooled, four-stroke, diesel
Number of cylinders3
Output Power (KW)28.5
Rating Speed(rpm)2600
Fuel consumption(g/kwh)240
Lubricating oil(L)5
Electrical equipment(V)12
Drive modeVariabledisplacement pump, stepless speed change, two wheels drive, motor parallel
Walking speed (KM/h)0-10
Theoretical climbing ability(Vibration on/off)30/40%
Swing angle30°
Steering modeHydraulic cylinder, articulated steering
Steering systemSwing articulated
Vibration wheelFront/ Rear/ Double
Drive formHydraulic Motors
Vibration frequency (HZ)60
Vibration amplitude (MM)0.5
Exciting force(KN)/(Front/back)40*2
Water spray formIntermittent pressure water spray
Hydraulic oil capacity(L)42
Fuel capacity(L)42
Water tank capacity (L)140
Working width(MM)1370
Overall length(MM)2480
Machine Height(MM)2670
Turning radius(MM)(inner/outer)2405/3760
Drum size720*1200mm*2
Drum thickness(MM)12
Ground clearance(MM)385
Wheel track(MM)1720
Static Load(N/CM)135/120


Standard configuration

Variable piston pump stepless variable speed walking

Parallel travel drive

Hydraulic articulated steering

Swing hinge in the middle of the fuselage

Vibration switch on the handle

Linkage dual manipulation handle   

Two scrapers per steel wheel

Pressure intermittent water spray system

Adjustable driving seat

Hood with lock

Control and warning lights

Work chronometer

Steel water tank

Anti-fall protection frame

LED front and rear lights

Rear reflector

Seat gravity sensor automatically goes out


A): Changchai engine or Yanmar engine

B): HANDA-TMP hydraulic pump

C): Denmark Danfoss Driving Motor

D): American SAUER Vibrating Motor

E): Electric Intermittent Spraying System

F): Plastic Water Tank

Detailed Images

4 ton road roller.jpg

4 ton road roller.jpg

4 ton road roller.jpg

Product application

4 ton road roller.jpg


4 ton road roller.jpg


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