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Use a small road roller to achieve three positions

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Small road rollers should achieve "three in place"

1. The new run-in is in place.

Many people think that running-in is delaying time and wasting oil, which is really "uneconomical"; some people just don't run at high speed, thinking that 2 to 3 hours of idling run-in is enough. According to experts, running-in is a step-by-step process, and it must be carried out from low gas speed, low load, and low load to high speed, high-grade, and large load. Its purpose is to lay the foundation for the normal use of the machine and prolong the life of the part by increasing the load slowly and gradually under good technical conditions and lubricating conditions to parts with rough surfaces. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to strictly follow the requirements of the specification in terms of use.

Second, the operation method is in place.

If the operation method is not in place, it is easy to cause some troubles. Operation, first of all to avoid overloading for a long time. Working on the road and tough sites, spotting a smoke machine, downshift immediately. When the road work is transferred, it must be done: one stop, two look, three observation. Strictly follow the operating procedures. Second, it is found that the sound of the machine is not correct during operation. After the sound stops, troubleshooting can be restarted; various gap adjustments are often checked.

3. Maintain in place.

Because the working environment of small rollers is not good, maintenance is particularly important. In the work, due to the mutual friction and vibration of parts, oil, mud, water, unavoidable, wear parts, loose joints, corrosion, deterioration of aging conditions, so the fuel consumption increases, wear, and failures continue to occur. Difficult to start, which is a typical failure due to insufficient maintenance.

    In order to avoid the above situation, we must strictly implement the "prevention is better than cure" maintenance philosophy. Maintenance must be strictly in accordance with the time and content, and resolutely avoid fuel oil and lubricating oil with poor quality during maintenance. As long as "new running-in, operation method, and maintenance" are in place, its performance can be improved, and efficient, high-quality, low-consumption, and safe service production can be achieved.


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