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Mini roller for which places?

Mini roller for which places?

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1. Garden landscape, residential landscape, golf course application. For the landscape area, the large roller is really not naive, landscape construction pays more attention to the design of style, not all places should be compacted, golf course construction is the same, so will use roller.

2. Compaction of pavement and maintenance of pavement. It is not appropriate to use a large roller to do road maintenance. Like sidewalk laying, groove into the edge of the compaction, as well as the highway corner of the asphalt compaction, are necessary to use small roller.

3. Narrow construction area or weight sensitive occasions, roller can quickly complete the operation requirements, its role is irreplaceable.

4. When the highway pipeline or abutment is backfilled, the roller and large roller can be used to work together at this time. Because the roller has a large water tank, it can avoid water transport and waste working time. And the handle of the operation roller is foldable, which is convenient for operation and storage.


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