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Do you know the three steps to Compact the road?

Three-step of compacting road is : Initial compression, recompression and final compression in the rolling process of asphalt pavement. So, what are their functions?

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1. The role of initial pressure

The asphalt concrete is in a relatively soft state after the paving machine is finished. The initial pressure is carried out immediately after the paving is completed. The static pressure of the light steel wheel roller is used to give the asphalt concrete a preliminary position and preliminary density. Ensure that no displacement occurs during vibration rolling.

2. The role of recompression

After the initial pressure is completed, the recompression can be carried out by using a large-tonnage steel-wheel vibratory roller or a rubber-wheel vibratory roller. The function of recompression is to make the asphalt concrete pavement reach the required density, and the main function is to compact.

3. The effect of final pressure

Immediately after the recompression, the static pressure of the double-drum roller is used to eliminate the wheel tracks generated during the recompression, so that the smoothness of the asphalt pavement can meet the requirements.


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