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What are the advantages of walk-behind rollers?

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A walk-behind road roller is a road roller that is supported by both hands for compaction. It is required to be easy to operate, light and suitable for compaction in narrow areas where large rollers cannot enter. Walk-behind road rollers are widely used in highways, garden roads, sidewalks, etc., so what are the advantages of walk-behind road rollers?

1. The walk-behind roller has the advantages of small size, reasonable structure, etc., and has a large water tank, which increases the time of continuous use.

2. The steel wheel of the walk-behind roller can prevent the accumulation of soil and asphalt, and the pressure is smoother.

3. The walk-behind roller is an adjustable handle, which is more comfortable and convenient for the operator to operate.

4. The walk-behind roller is easy to maintain and has a wide range of applications, especially for compaction against walls and curbs.

At present, there are two types of single-drum walk-behind road rollers: the one with a self-weight of 300 kg and above. The excitation force of this type of roller is about 1.5-2.0 tons, the whole machine is heavy, and the door needs to be equipped with a crane or a loader when the operation is transferred. The other is the self-weight 200 kg and below. This type of road roller does not need a crane or a loader for the door when it is transferred, and the upper and lower tool vehicles can be transported manually.


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