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Function and Maintenance of Sludge Scraping Device of Small Roller


First, the function and structure of the mud scraping device of the small Road Roller.

Function: The mud scraping device is a low-key device hardware that is indispensable in the construction of the road roller. Its function is to scrape off the soil, asphalt concrete, and cement concrete fabrics that are sticky on the rolling steel wheel during the rolling construction of the small road roller. Wait for some mixing to ensure the quality of the roller in the construction compaction area and the cleanliness of the roller site.

Structure: The mud scraping device usually has two kinds of structures: elastic and rigid. The elastic structure is mainly composed of scraper, rotating arm, rotating arm connecting plate, adjusting seat and supporting shaft or long bolt, shaft seat, lifting lug, hook and left and right torsion springs. The support shaft or long bolt is connected with the chassis frame or frame through the axle seat or bracket; the left and right rotating springs, the rotating arm and other parts are installed on the supporting shaft or the long bolt; the scraper is installed on the rotating arm, Adjust to make it close to the surface of the rolling steel wheel or maintain a certain gap. It is mainly used for scraping mud from the front and rear wheels of static action. The rigid scraper is mainly composed of scraper, scraper bracket and fixing frame. The scraper is fixed on the scraper bracket, and the scraper bracket is fixed on the chassis beam or frame. It is mainly used for the vibration roller Scraping mud for the front and rear rollers of vibrating wheels and small road rollers.

Second, the maintenance of the mud scraping device of the small roller.

Proper maintenance of the scraper is good not only for the quality of the compaction but also for the life of the entire drive components of the roller, including the scraper. So, how to maintain it, to do the following points on it.

①. Before construction every day, adjust the appropriate gap between the scraper and the steel wheel according to the construction needs, and check whether the screws are loose. Especially, check the bolts for the scraper of the rigid device such as a small road roller.

② During construction, the excess material scraped off should be cleaned up in time, and should not be accumulated on the scraper. Otherwise, it will cause damage to the scraper and drum.

3. Before the small road roller rolls the asphalt or concrete, brush a layer of oil (waste diesel or engine oil) on the steel wheel and the scraper to prevent the asphalt or concrete from sticking to the wheel, and also play a role in cleaning. Of course, it can also prevent rust in rainy seasons.

④. If the scraper is worn excessively, the torsion spring is broken or the elasticity is reduced, the scraper and spring should be replaced in time.


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