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Construction in dusty environment of small roller

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The manufacturer of small roller recommends that you perform the following operations during construction:

1. A colored ceramic tile wall of not less than 2 meters shall be set outside the planned area.

2. Use sprinklers to reduce dust and increase frequency. Place the loess 2.5 meters away from the ditch and close it at any time. Cover unstructured areas with dense grids.

3. Rolling construction method shall be adopted, and the lower part shall be as short as possible.

4. Wet operation, installation consisting of water supply tower or reservoir, with water hose, rotating nozzle, solid dust mobile spraying facilities, high-pressure water spraying, wide coverage, can connect a section of water hose, mobile water spraying.

The dust-proof water source at the gate of the construction site is equipped with a flushing device. Earth-moving vehicles must be cleaned before leaving the construction site. A sewage sedimentation tank is also built, which is divided into three compartments. The washed sewage must be precipitated three times through the sedimentation tank before being discharged into the municipal pipeline.

Summer is hot and humid, which is also the season for various bacteria to breed. Doing a good job in dust prevention can improve the air quality and improve the construction rate of workers.


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