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What are the light sources of mobile lighting vehicles? What are the differences between them?


First, through the definitions of xenon lamps, mercury lamps, and metal halide lamps, roughly distinguish xenon lamps, mercury lamps, and metal halide lamps:


The general English abbreviation of xenon lamp is HID Xenon Lamps, and the lighting is a cold light source;


Mercury lamps, metal halide lamps are generally referred to as HID Lamps in English, and the lighting is a warm light source;


You can clearly see the xenon lamp and the mercury lamp. One of the differences between the metal halide lamp is that the arc tube of the xenon lamp is filled with xenon gas, while the mercury lamp and the metal halide lamp generally do not, and the price of xenon gas is generally more expensive. Therefore, the price of xenon lamps is generally much higher than that of metal halide lamps and mercury lamps.

Secondly, the xenon lamp can be turned on immediately, not only cold start, but also hot start. Therefore, it can be used as a car headlight, but the starting of the xenon lamp requires a high pulse voltage, usually 12000V. Therefore, the price of the ballast for xenon lamps is generally more expensive.


For metal halide lamps and mercury lamps, they can only be started cold, not hot. That is to say, if you turn off the lighted metal halide lamp or mercury lamp, you must wait another 5-10 minutes before you can light it again. Therefore, they are generally used for commercial lighting such as square lighting and street lighting. For metal halide lamps, only a pulse voltage of 3000-4000V can be started. For mercury lamps, no trigger is required, and a voltage of 220V can be started.


Let’s talk about the difference between mercury lamps and metal halide lamps. The difference between the two is that metal halide lamps have pills, while mercury lamps do not. Therefore, the luminous efficiency of metal halide lamps is high, and there are many kinds of color temperatures, ranging from 3000k to 20000k, but mercury lamps can only have one color temperature, about 4000k, because the arc tube does not have pills, but the common point of the three is that All belong to gas discharge lamps.


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