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Advantages Of Mobile Emergency Lighting Beacons

Mobile emergency lighting beacons are very suitable when some need emergency lighting. Mobile emergency lighting beacons have some advantages. The main reason we choose it is the following:


1. Lighting performance: high brightness, wide coverage, lighting far and near, the light source life of up to 10,000 hours or more, especially suitable for outdoor large-scale work lighting.

2. Lifting performance: The lighthouse lifting rod is made of high-strength alloy material, which can realize automatic lifting adjustment. The height of the large lifting is 6 meters. The four lamp heads can adjust the illumination angle up and down, so that the light covers the entire work site.

3. Working time: Powered by imported high-performance generator set, the generator set can be filled with gasoline for 9 hours continuously; in places with mains, 220v AC power can be connected to achieve long-time lighting.

4. Operationality: The remote control or jog switch controls the lifting and lowering of the lifting rod, which is simple, safe and reliable. The wireless remote control can control the lifting and lowering of the lifting rod within 30 meters.

5. Applicable places: The lighthouse is made of various high-quality alloy materials. It has compact structure and stable performance. It can work normally under various harsh environments and climatic conditions. The wind resistance rating is 8 grades.

6. Flexible and convenient: optimized structural design, easy to move and transport, connected to the trailer can be easily moved to any construction, rescue site.

So in summary, the mobile emergency lighting beacon not only has good lighting, but also is more convenient and flexible, so the application occasions are also more extensive. For those occasions where power lighting cannot be provided, the mobile emergency lighting beacon is very easy to use.


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