Hand push 160kg vibrating plate compactor

Quick Details
Model Number: STP160
Power: 5.5hp
Brand Name: Storike
Warranty: 1 Year
Compaction Depth: 50cm
Excitation Frequency: 67HZ
Exciting Force: 30.5KN
Traveling Speed: 27m/min
Certification: ISO/CE
Working Efficiency: 500sq.m./hr
Voltage: 220V
Weight: 159KG
Engine Model: HONDA GX160
Place of Origin: Shandong,China
Fuel type: Gasoline
Plate size: 73*37mm
Dimension(L*W*H): L125*W37*H93mm

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Product Description


1. The unique design of electric start-up, even in the severe conditions remain strong and durable.

2. The best choice for compaction of sand oil, back fill and asphalt.

3. Low vibration combined with high compaction performance.

4. Lifting hook ensure easy to delivery in different job site.

5. Handle hydraulic system for forward & reverse.

Engine typeGasoline/Diesel, air-cooled, four-stroke, single cylinder
Exciting Force30.5KN
Excitation Frequency67HZ
Compaction Depth50cm
Travel Speed27m/min
Work efficiency500sq.m./hr
Working weight159kg
Plate size73*37cm(can be customized)
Working sizeL125*W37*H93cm


Standard configuration

Foldable handle easy for transportation

The designing of square-shaped bed and handle is more helpful and comfortable for the operators to changing working directions

Other engine are available as requested

Water tank can be assembled as requested

Optional rubber mat for brick paving compaction


A): The plate compactors adopts the vibration-proof operating armrest, which is foldable and detachable. At the same time, it has excellent anti-vibration measures, even if it is working for a long time, it will not fatigue;

B): The plate compactor is equipped with a high-reserve four-stroke engine, which has low fuel consumption, low noise and excellent durability. It has an oil sensor device, and it has an automatic stop function when the engine oil is insufficient;

C): The plate compactor is equipped with a mobile transport wheel to make the movement between the sites convenient and easy;

D): Plate compactor is equipped with the largest capacity water tank in the same class of products, without the need for tools;

E): Plate compactor fully sealed pulley shell adopts special injection molded parts, which makes the material lightweight and improves the strength and heat dissipation, and prevents dust stones from entering, improving the life and durability of the belt;

F): Plate compactor with spheroidal graphite iron plate with round edge, tough, wear-resistant, self-cleaning function, high work efficiency;

Detailed Images

160kg plate compactor.jpg

160kg plate compactor.jpg

Product application

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Our products are used for compaction of soil, asphalt roads, sidewalks, Bridges, car parks, sports venues and narrow field compaction, it is an ideal equipment of small compaction construction project.

160kg plate compactor.jpg


160kg plate compactor.jpg


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